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If you are a contributor or above you can create manga cards.

You can watch this video: 

Or follow the steps outlined below for more details:

If you are a contributor or superior you can add chapters. Click the contribute button in the menu:
contribution button

Next look for the manga:

Search for a manga

Click on create chapter:

Create Chapter Button

Look up the chapter information:

Chapter information

Upload images

"Upload images"

Upload tracking with the "Upload images"

The slug determines a portion of the url of an element, that is to say the address at which it will be accessible on the site.
There are different types of slug on Mangakawaii.
Let's take for an example the address of a chapter of the manga Yaoshenji:

The different slugs

To be able to Modify, Replace, Hide or Show a chapter you must meet one of the following conditions:

For work sheets without a team:

  • Be the uplinker of the chapter to be replaced or modified

For work sheets with a team:

  • Be part of one of the work's teams
  • Or be the uplinker of the chapter to be replaced or modified

To be able to change the volume of a chapter the following conditions must be met:

For worksheets without a team:

  • Be the uplinker of the chapter 
  • Or be the owner of the modification rights of the sheet

For worksheets with a team:

  • Be part of one of the work's teams
  • Or be the chapter's uplogger
  • Or be the record's modification rights holder

Mangakawaii allows teams to automatically import their project chapters from Mangadex.

How to automatically import?

The way it works is simple:

Upload to Mangadex and within 30 mins your chapter will be automatically imported to MK! 

The feature is enabled by default for all manga, but if you want to keep control over the publication, it is possible to disable it from the record of each project according to your preferences. Automatically imported Chapters are assigned to the rights holder of the record. As it is an automated import each published chapter earns 5 soul stones to the team (instead of 10 for a manually published chapter).

Import problem

If your chapters do not import automatically despite the option being enabled on the form:

Check that the manga name on Mangadex is existing in the Name field of the work's form on Mangakawaii OR failing that in the Alternative Names field, also check the spelling (capitalization, missing hyphen...). If the name is not present, add it  in the Alternative Names via copy/paste, separating it from the other alternative names by a comma. Make sure the other names are also separated by commas (not periods or semicolons).

Here are the conditions to allow your team to edit the chapters of a project regardless of who uploaded the chapters:

- The work must  be attached to your team,to do this, add your team on the work's record.

- Your team members must be added to your team sheet, to do this edit your sheet and add your team members.

/!You cannot delete a chapter but you can replace it, see the relevant section of the FAQ for more information on this.

If your team request has been accepted you can create your team sheets.

Mangakawaii allows you to receive release notifications for chapters/episodes of bookmarked works you follow.

To do this, the work must be in the "Now Playing" category of the bookmarks. Following this, you need to go to My Account -> My Preferences

Then to Release notifications on Discord click "Connect to Discord".

Warning! Your Mangakawaii account email must be the same as your Discord account email!

Once your discord account is connected our trusty Bot Zipzip will announce releases via Discord private messages.

First of all, you should know that notifications are available on the site and via Discord only and not via email.

To receive notifications of the release of chapters of a work, you need:

- To have the work bookmarked and in the "In Progress" category of the favorites.

- That you have enabled output notifications in your preferences:

You will then receive notifications each time a chapter is released:

Soulstones are the currency of the site, they are also used for the member and team xp system.

For members:

Soulstones allow you to purchase items in the shop.

They also determine your power level as a summoner; the more soulstones you hold the higher your summoner level!:

For teams:

Soulstones are placed in a "team chest", visible on the team's record. They allow you to purchase Levels.

Each level unlocks additional features and tools for the team.

Each member of the site receives 20 soul stones for each day spent reading or watching videos on the site.

In addition, there are various ways to earn additional soul stones;

For members:

  • By creating a work's record. 30 soul stones
  • By adding chapters or episodes. 3 soul stones
  • By checking a Light Novel chapter in the Checkzone. 5 Soul Stones

For teams:

  • When a member bookmarks one of the team's projects. 2 Soul Stones
  • When the team gains a fan. 50 soulstones
  • When the team adds a project. 200 soulstones
  • When the team adds a chapter or episode on one of their projects manually10 soulstones
  • When the team adds a chapter or episode on one of its projects via import5 soulstones

All of these actions are reversible, that is, their opposite actions result in an equivalent loss of soulstones; example: the loss of one fan removes 50 soulstones from the team.

The site's xp system is based on soul stones, they determine your summoner rank and level.

Summoner ranks are as follows: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold and Legend.

These ranks are divided into Five Levels: 1 Star, 2 Stars, 3 Stars, 4 Stars and 5 Stars.Once you have passed the 5 Star level of a rank you move on to the next rank.Progression is governed by soulstone tiers.

You can lose ranks as well as gain ranks depending on your soulstone supply!

Here is the list of tiers:

BearingsBronzeSilverGoldBlack GoldLegend
1 Star15001500400010250
2 Stars1007002000525012500
3 Stars2009002500650014750
4 Stars30011003000775017000
5 Stars40013003500900020000

The app is available on Android and Windows.

To install on Windows:

To install on Android:

Or still on mobile:

Menu on the right side of Google Chrome -> "Add to Home Screen".

If you don't see these install buttons, clear your browser's cache: