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Chapters not visible on the form

Hi! I wrote this topics because of I have seen the addition of chapters on the latest chapters page but chapters are not visible on the english manga page. I have already reported the problem on the manga page but the problem still here. Example : Hatsukoi tokimeki usuihon (https://www.mangakawaii.net/manga/hatsukoi-tokimeki-usuihon), Exterminator (https://www.mangakawaii.net/manga/exterminator), Elf-san wa yaserarenai (https://www.mangakawaii.net/manga/elf-san-wa-yaserarenai), Dorei shounin shika sentakushi ga nai  (https://www.mangakawaii.net/manga/dorei-shounin-shika-sentakushi-ga-nai-desu-yo-harem-nani-sore-oishii-no), Dead soul revolver (https://www.mangakawaii.net/manga/dead-soul-revolver) or Crime Zone (https://www.mangakawaii.net/manga/crime-zone).

In addition, the chapters that have been imported on this page of Take on Me manga of  TAKEMURA Sessyu  (https://www.mangakawaii.net/manga/take-on-me) are rather those of page of Take on me! manha of Dopink (https://www.mangakawaii.net/manga/take-on-me-). If you want to upload the chapters of Take on Me (alternative title : Domin-8 me) manga of  TAKEMURA Sessyu  (https://www.mangakawaii.net/manga/take-on-me) , the link is repertoried in + 18 section of mangadex website (https://mangadex.org/title/02c87d9d-7a0c-4665-a4d2-a74d942ae2d5/take-on-me).

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