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Le 08 janv. 2022 par Kara_

Good evening to all, I am making this announcement today to let you know that we are opening a moderator recruitment. This recruitment becomes necessary because we can not move forward in moderation with the current team. So I'm going to introduce you to the main tasks of a moderator and what is expected of them.

Role of a MangaKawaii moderator:

- Bug fixing

This part consists of correcting chapters in which pages are missing. This is the longest and least attractive task but it is important:Approved:  

- Uploading chapters/animated

This part is about adding content on the site. Indeed we have scripts that retrieve chapters automatically but there is still a pretty big part to publish especially on the +18 and anime side where we are not up to speed.

- Moderation of the comment area

This part is there to manage the smart guys who put their links or spoilers.

There are many other things to do but we'll explain that in due time.

What we expect from you:

- Regularity

We expect to have active moderators who can help maintain the site. In addition, I will be in charge of moderation, so I will manage member activity.

- Relative knowledge of the site

You don't need to know the site by heart and we will be able to train you on how to use it however you do need at least a knowledge of the menus ^^

-Some maturity

You need to be at least mature to apply for example if you get brazen at the slightest comment or don't listen to advice, I think MangaKawaii is not for you.

How to apply:

- To apply, you will have to contact us privately following which we will ask you some questions and see whether or not you will become a moderator with us.

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